Monday, May 27, 2019

New Way To Shop Our Website, Now LIVE on Square!

Our patterns, templates, stencils, kits and quilts are now available on our website through Square! (Yes, they were all available on our website before, but this is WAY BETTER!)

You will still visit our website (shown below).

Our original website

But now, when you click the "SHOP" tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page, it will automatically link you to our new Square website for shopping and gift card purchases.

Screen shot of our new SQUARE site shopping format

It looks a little different than our former website pages, but Square allows us to share more photos and additional product details, as well as images of the full supply lists for our patterns. And you can scroll through all of our products without having to click back and forth between pages!

We are super excited about this upgrade and we will continue to add our existing inventory of finished quilts, kits, and assorted items as we move forward!

Other changes you will notice on our regular website include fewer pages (we merged some content in places) and more convenient tabs (no more searching for your favorites). You can now reach our Machine Quilting page and Tutorial page through the navigation menu at the top of each page. BONUS: We have several new tutorials planned and we will upload them as soon as get them ready!

We also added a Gift Card tab to the navigation menu that will take you directly to our Square site to purchase E-Gift cards which you can email directly to the recipient. You can always buy plastic gift cards in-store any time.

Screenshot of our Gift Card order page

The BEST part about this switch, is that you can now REDEEM our e-gift cards and plastic gift cards ONLINE! (Paper gift certificates may still be redeemed in-store.)

Check out the new Square shopping site for yourself here: and let us know what you think!

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