Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Wobbles Collection

Talk about adorable! I created the Wobbles Collection as a special quilt for my grandson. There are 15 applique characters (with more on the way!). I repeated 1 block in different fabrics to create my finished 16 character quilt.
These little applique characters have so much personality. This photo shows my quilt assembled with blue sashing and binding. I used yellow for the background and I was able to use up lots of little scraps for the actual piecing.  Fusible webbing holds everything in place so you can machine applique around the edges easily. I chose coordinating thread colors in both matching and slightly darker shades to make each element stand out.

Wobbles Collection Quilt

But you could also make your quilt or project by repeating one character in different fabrics (ex: all clowns, or all chefs) or a choose set of characters to repeat (ex: cowboys/Indians or cops/robbers) to create a fun custom themed quilt of your own!

You can make the blocks into pillows, wall hangings, a crib quilt or toddler bed quilt, or any other items for your little one's nursery or bedroom.
Because there are so many options to customize and complete a Wobbles project in your own way, these patterns are for each 9" x 12" finished character block only. I have not supplied finishing instructions for a completed quilt or project, just for the blocks themselves.
You can find all the Wobbles patterns online on Craftsy or pick them up in person at Sunday Best Quiltworks. Be sure to share your versions of the Wobbles with us. Post pictures of your work to our Facebook page and tag us #SBQ. We love Show and Tell and can't wait to see your creativity!

I hope your little ones love them as much as my grandson does!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Class Favorite: Potluck Bargello

We kept hearing the questions, "What can I do with my scraps?" and "How do I use up leftover charm squares?"  Everyone thinks it, everyone says it, and those are very good questions...

And Potluck Bargello was our answer! We called this bargello quilt 'Potluck' because it basically contains all the scrap-cleaning-out leftovers you can throw into it... just like the best Sunday fridge-cleaning-out casseroles!

Complicated-looking, yet incredibly easy to make, Potluck Bargello is a visually stunning quilt that has become an all-time class favorite in our shop. 

The pattern is written with directions for using up you stash of scraps and leftovers, and with yardage requirements in case you prefer to buy fabric specifically for the project for a cohesive look.

Student quilt
We frequently have folks drop by for Show and Tell and bring their projects. We awarded Pat Harris a SBQ Star of Excellence for her outstanding work on this version of the pattern and the 2 surprise little minis she made with her leftovers... of her potluck leftovers! Way to go Pat!
Quilt and minis by Pat Harris

 And we loved this lighter, bright colorway made by another student too!
Student quilt

Bargello quilts are just fabric strips sewn together and cut in a way that creates visual movement when you sew them back together. Even though they look tough, they are perfect for beginners. Don't be intimidated, give bargello quilts a try!

We want to see what you're making! Post your photos and tag #SBQ. Follow us on Facebook and you'll see what's new in the shop, find out which patterns we're designing next, see what classes are coming up and what our students are bringing in for Show and Tell!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Half Square Triangle Stencils

Our Original Sunday Best Quiltworks Half Square Triangle Stencil allows you to make super fast & accurate finished half-square triangles in 8 different sizesOur Half Square Triangle Stencils are available for purchase on our website for $5.99-$9.99 each.

They're great for finished blocks, borders and more!
Our method is faster than the bias strip method... try it and see!

The stencil size refers to the accurate FINISHED size of the half-square triangles and our Half Square Triangle stencil is easy to use! We've created a You Tube Video, a printable paper tutorial and a printable list of possible assembly options to help you envision all the creative possibilities! 

YouTube Video Tutorial
Watch Linda demo the stencil live.

Printable Photo Tutorial
Print this to follow while you work with your stencil.

Printable HST Assembly Options Tutorial
See how many options there are for HST!

How many HST units does each stencil make?

HST Stencil Size: HST Stencil Makes:
1" Stencil 32 Finished HST
1 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
3" Stencil 18 Finished HST
3 1/2" Stencil 18 Finished HST
4" Stencil 12 Finished HST
4 1/2" Stencil 12 Finished HST

Lady of the Lake by Linda Camp was made with our 2" HST Stencil
which creates 32 finished HST units at a time.
It looks like a lot of work making HST the old fashioned way, but using the stencil
it was finished in less than half the time!

Our Half Square Triangle Stencils are available for purchase on our website for $5.99-$9.99 each.

So what size stencil do you need to buy?

Ex: If you need a 2" half square triangle then you should order the 2" HST stencil. When you cut them out, the HST will be 2 1/2" and will "FINISH" at 2" when you sew a 1/4" seam allowance around them. It's the same for all 8 stencil sizes. When you cut them out, your HST will be 1/2" larger than the stencil size. When you sew a 1/4" seam allowance around them, they become the actual finished size you need.

If you still have any questions regarding stencil size please contact us! We'll be glad to help you choose the correct size stencil for your pro

Like us on Facebook and share your work! We LOVE Show and Tell. Tag your photos #SBQ and tell us if you've already used the HST Stencil or if you're planning to try it soon. What will you make next?!?


*See what others are saying about the HST stencils:

Setting Patterns

If you haven't tried our line of Setting Patterns yet, then let me tell you just how awesome they are! Setting Patterns allow you to use twelve of ANY 8", 10" or 12" blocks and create a finished quilt!

It's so simple... we designed our new Setting Pattern series with the idea that you can 'fill in the blank' and feature your own blocks. You have the choice of using any 8", 10" or 12" blocks in any of these gorgeous quilt settings.

Just take your existing blocks and pick a setting! The options for using these patterns are endless.

- Have an all-time favorite block? Make 12 and pop them into a setting pattern.
- Create a family keepsake by featuring vintage family-made blocks.
- Create a memory quilt with clothing squares tied together through the setting pattern.
- Use a stack of 8", 10" or 12" UFO blocks to make something beautiful and unexpected.
- Created your very own block designs? Feature them in a setting pattern.
- Use your favorite Layer Cakes, sports team or character fabric squares.
- Love the blocks from another quilt pattern, but not the layout? Use one of our settings instead.

Mix it up with a Sunday Best Quiltworks Setting Pattern! Anything goes!

We have had a ball coming up with these pretties! First we created "Focus on This". It's made for 12 blocks and contains fabric requirements and finishing instructions for using any of your own 8", 10" or 12" blocks. It has a modern feel and can accommodate any color scheme.  Finished size: Using 8" blocks - 57 1/4" x 70 1/2", Using 10" blocks - 68 7/8" x 85", Using 12" blocks 80 1/2" x 99 1/2".

Next, we found "Star Chain" to be an intriguing layout with a more traditional styling perfect for homespun prairie prints and shirtings. It's also made for 12 blocks and contains fabric requirements and finishing instructions for using your own 8", 10" or 12" blocks. I'm thinking I might need to make this one in blues and whites, or in brights! Finished size: Using 8" blocks - 58 1/4" x 71 1/2", Using 10" blocks - 66 1/2" x 82 1/2", Using 12" blocks - 75 1/2" x 94 1/2".

Like donuts, chocolate chip cookies and Hershey's Kisses... sometimes 12 is not enough, you just need one more! So with our next setting pattern, "Baker's Dozen", we widened the setting layout and made room for THIRTEEN blocks in all three sizes. Like all of our setting patterns, "Baker's Dozen" contains fabric requirements and finishing instructions for using your own 8", 10" or 12" blocks. Finished size: Using 8" blocks - 72 5/8" x 72 5/8" , Using 10" blocks - 86 3/8" x 86 3/8", Using 12" blocks - 102" x 102". This beauty would also be gorgeous in solids!

Finally, we decide one setting is just not enough! So with "Goose and Gander", we're offering TWO options for the layout of your quilt. By changing up the background fabrics, you can achieve two entirely different looking projects. "Goose and Gander" is made for 12 blocks, offers two setting options, and contains fabric requirements and finishing instructions for using your own 8", 10" or 12" blocks.  Both setting options have the same finished project measurements. Finished size: Using 8" blocks - 52 1/2" x 64 1/2", Using 10" blocks - 65 1/2" x 80 1/2", Using 12" blocks - 78 1/2" x 96 1/2". The extra highlight with the strip in the border makes Goose and Gander really stand out!

All of these patterns are just $10 each and available on our website, and soon to be available as downloadable .pdf files through Craftsy under Quilting Patterns.

At Sunday Best Quiltworks, we LOVE Show and Tell and we want to see your work! Share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram and tag everything #SBQ! Tell us about your inspiration, why you love sewing, and how you decided to use our Setting Pattern.