Sunday, March 22, 2015

This is Teresa!

Well here goes (for the second time!)  I was going to town and hit something that erased all of my blog!  I'll try not to do that again!  I miss seeing everyone and talking with you all. Linda tells me she gets asked almost daily how I'm doing. That is hard for her to answer so she asked me to start blogging for that and other reasons.   I am CANCER FREE for now!  I am still getting a treatment every other week.  My doctor hasn't said how much longer that will go on.  I am lucky in that the drug they are giving me isn't really a chemo drug although it is classified with them.  So no bad side effects for me.  I guess making me tired is the worst of it. I go this week to see the plastic surgeon and se what he wants to do.  I would love to be fixed!  I hope there is something he can do so I can eat again.  Do you realize that it has been almost 2 years since I have bitten, chewed, and tasted real food?  Well enough of that!  I have been quilting and sewing just like before.  That is what has kept me sane.  Thank God for that.  Well, that's all for tonight.  Take care everyone.  I love you all. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My 2nd Blog!

It occured to me that the title of my 1st blog was a little bit bragadocious! (I'm so impressed with
me.)  Most folks who know me well know that I'm something of a LUDITE.  Not a big fan of
technology.   I often feel that I've somehow been born in the wrong century.

Before we had so many ways to "be in touch without ever being face to face" life seemed more
peaceful and personal.  I remember growing up in a small community where everyone knew
everyone else.  Very few cars meant that people walked to get where they wanted to go (they'd
laugh their socks off to see us PAYING to go to the gym to exercise.!)  With no air conditioning,
people sat on the porch to cool they talked to the folks walking by.  

Telephones had party-lines, so if you were nosy, you could listen in and REALLY get to know the

Now, even my children are so busy that they'd rather have a e-mail that they can see whenever it's
convenient, than a phone call that might interrupt what they are doing.

With all that being said, I had made my major life goal to get to my grave without learning to use
a computer.  I  HAVE FAILED!!!!    It finally became apparant that the shop had to be able to join
the modern world.  (I'd like to point out , however, that pencils still work when computers go down!)
Therefore, I only  reluctantly joined the modern world in August 2014.  

So....I've been computing  all of 8 months....and suddenly I think total strangers might want to
know what I'm doing and thinking about.   See the evil lure of technology?