Thursday, February 19, 2015

My very first blog ----I'm so impressed with ME!

Everyone who knows me well, knows that most of my days away from the shop are spent
working on something FOR the shop.

This past Sunday, I gave myself a "play-day".  Ever since Teresa and I envisioned the HST 
stencil, we've looked for ways to simplify traditional blocks using squares and HST's.

Here, I'm playing with the Stars and Cubes Block.  First published in the early 20th century in
The Household Management Journal of Batavia, IL.

This block requires 32 HST units.  (Exactly what our l", l-l/2", 2", and 2-1/2" stencils yield.)
I chose the 2" finished HST stencil, crisp whit and Cotton & Steel's pink Mochi fabric.

First, I used graph paper to make sure my idea would work.

Then I cut one white and one pink 12-1/2" square,  and marked the white one with the entire

After that, I cut (8) pink 2-1/2" squares, (12)  white 2-1/2" squares and (4) 6-1/2"  squares.

I first sewed all  19 of the flying goose units.  After  setting the seams, I sprayed with Flatter
as I pressed the blocks.  (It lives up to it's name and helps to relax the fabric and make the
seam lie flatter.)

Then I made 6 pairs of pink squares.

I laid out the pieces as they will be sewn and made the 8-1/2"  units when sewn together.

Then it's just a matter of joining the units to complete the  block.

 Since, I've cut lots of HOUSE Templates for the Good Neighbors quilt....I ran through parts and
pieces of houses as leaders and enders.

After sewing this block with squares and HST's, I would write future directions using (4) 2-1/2 x
4-1/2" rectangles and (1) 4-1/2"  square to eliminate extra seams.

Here's my finished block.

I also included a shot of my design wall, sewing station and ironing boar snuggled right beside 
the machine to save time.

This is my block.  Sewn, marked for quilting, pin basted and ready to quilt with the wqlking foot.

YEAH.  It's finished and hanging in the shop above our HST display.