Friday, July 20, 2018

Quilt History Lecture Series by Linda Camp

Linda's first quilt history lecture, Quilting in America from the 1860's to the Early 1900's, was held July 14th and we covered quite a bit of interesting information including how fabrics and colors, and therefore quilts, evolved as technology advanced, how the patterns we use today have evolved, how the cyclical nature of trends and fads affected quilting throughout this period and what was going on from colonization to just after the civil war. Beautiful antique quilts rand fabric samples reflecting these topics were on display for everyone to enjoy.

We recorded the lecture and will have it ready to download very soon. If you missed it and were hoping to catch up, watch for an email or follow us on Facebook. We'll announce the details on how you can view the recording as soon as we have it ready.

Our next lecture is coming up in August on the 11th and everyone is invited to attend!

Quilt History Lecture: Quilts from the 1860's to the Early 1900's $10 admission
Sat. Aug. 11, 3pm-4:30pm
Linda Camp
Styles in quilts and quilting changed dramatically after the Civil War.  The country had changed. There were advances in dye technology,  making it possible for ladies to more easily dye their fabrics at home, also allowing factories to produce exciting new styles and colors of fabrics.

There were new patterns for quilt blocks circulating among ladies sewing circles, and some of them became associated with certain parts of the country where they developed.  There was a nation wide fad for adding Red and Green to quilts, sometimes the results were stunning and sometimes, a great mistake!

We have many examples of quilts from the 1870’s to show and we also have quilts that are examples of how styles and color preferences were changing during the early 1900’s. 

For the first time ladies could order fabric from catalogs, making colors and styles available to the entire country for the first time.  Many families have treasured quilts from this time period.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more.

Please call the shop to reserve your spot.
Limit 30 spaces.