Monday, May 25, 2015

A fun new way to mess with your grand babies little minds!!!

I've found a GREAT new use for our frixon pens!  Today. I sent them a letter
In invisible ink...with this poem attached
In REAL ink:

I'm sending a message 
In Magical ink !
Right now you can't see it,
So let's give it a think!

If you were an Eskimo,
And your home was of ice...
Then you could read it,
Maybe once, maybe twice!

There's a picture to color,
But I know you can't tell,
Too sad...
It's really quite swell!

There's a clue in this letter,
This letter you hold,
You can't read it in summer,
You'll have to wait till it's cold!

Grandma loves you!

I tried writing on paper, ironing it to
Make it disappear and then putting
It in the freezer.  Works great.
The ink comes right back.