Thursday, August 8, 2019

Holiday Machine Quilting Deadlines

If you're planning to give your quilts as gifts and would like us to machine quilt them for you, we will need to have them by November 16th so we can have them back to you before Christmas. 

We will not take rush orders with holiday deadlines.

(You can still continue to bring in quilts that do not have a deadline for completion anytime.)

Click for general details and pricing for our Machine Quilting services.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

New Way To Shop Our Website, Now LIVE on Square!

Our patterns, templates, stencils, kits and quilts are now available on our website through Square! (Yes, they were all available on our website before, but this is WAY BETTER!)

You will still visit our website (shown below).

Our original website

But now, when you click the "SHOP" tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page, it will automatically link you to our new Square website for shopping and gift card purchases.

Screen shot of our new SQUARE site shopping format

It looks a little different than our former website pages, but Square allows us to share more photos and additional product details, as well as images of the full supply lists for our patterns. And you can scroll through all of our products without having to click back and forth between pages!

We are super excited about this upgrade and we will continue to add our existing inventory of finished quilts, kits, and assorted items as we move forward!

Other changes you will notice on our regular website include fewer pages (we merged some content in places) and more convenient tabs (no more searching for your favorites). You can now reach our Machine Quilting page and Tutorial page through the navigation menu at the top of each page. BONUS: We have several new tutorials planned and we will upload them as soon as get them ready!

We also added a Gift Card tab to the navigation menu that will take you directly to our Square site to purchase E-Gift cards which you can email directly to the recipient. You can always buy plastic gift cards in-store any time.

Screenshot of our Gift Card order page

The BEST part about this switch, is that you can now REDEEM our e-gift cards and plastic gift cards ONLINE! (Paper gift certificates may still be redeemed in-store.)

Check out the new Square shopping site for yourself here: and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Middle Georgia Shop Hop

Shop Hop was a blast this year! Huge thanks to everyone who came out and participated! All 7 shop quilts were great this year!

We ran out of the white-on-white background fabric we used for our shop sample (right), but we were able to substitute solid white for our remaining kits - which we've sold out of now. We do still have just a few yards of the blue floral border fabric if you want it for a backing. It's almost gone, so let us know right away if you want it.

We also have a few blocks left over if anyone wants to add extra blocks to their quilt, and we have additional yardage of the gorgeous greens, pink and dark purple batiks if anyone wants to pick up more for backing, binding or to create your own design layout. Just call or stop by if you'd like to pick some up.

As soon as the winners are drawn from the passports that were turned in we'll be sure to post them on Facebook and our website!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lucky Seven BOM 2019

"Lucky Seven 2018"

Our 2019 Lucky 7 Saturday Sampler Quilt begins in January.
We have two beautiful colorways, and you can choose your
background in blue or pink! Adee designed our quilt this year!
Pay $7 for your first block and get the next 11 for free when
you come every month for our Saturday Sampler!  

On the first Saturday of each month, we meet from 10 AM to 11 AM.
We have a doorprize, show and tell, refreshments and Lucky 7,
and something special is always on sale! You receive one ticket for
the Saturday Sampler door prize drawing just for being present. And
you receive an additional ticket for each show and tell you bring.
It's FUN! Plan on joining us.

Monday, November 12, 2018

2019 Lucky Seven BOM Details Coming soon!

Our 2019 Lucky 7 Saturday Sampler Quilt begins in January and we'll have a sample ready for you to see very soon!

Just pay $7 for your first block and get the next 11 for free when you attend our Saturday Sampler program every month.

On the first Saturday every month, we meet from 10AM to 11AM. We have door prizes, show and tell, refreshments and Lucky 7 - and something special is always on sale!

Receive one ticket for the Saturday Sampler door prize drawing just for being present and receive an additional ticket for each show and tell item you bring.

It's FUN! Watch our website, Facebook and Instagram for the sneak peek of our 2019 BOM quilt!

For complete program details visit our website. (Please note certain details may change for 2019 based on the program requirements.)

- Linda

Friday, September 28, 2018

Sunday Best is on the list of the 10 Best Craft Stores in Georgia!

Sunday Best Quiltworks is excited and honored to have been named one of the 10 Best Craft Stores in Georgia by AmericanTowns Media and Best Things Georgia in August! See the full list and be sure to stop by and visit with us the next time your in the area! (We're worth the trip, just sayin'!)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Quilt History Lecture Series by Linda Camp

Linda's first quilt history lecture, Quilting in America from the 1860's to the Early 1900's, was held July 14th and we covered quite a bit of interesting information including how fabrics and colors, and therefore quilts, evolved as technology advanced, how the patterns we use today have evolved, how the cyclical nature of trends and fads affected quilting throughout this period and what was going on from colonization to just after the civil war. Beautiful antique quilts rand fabric samples reflecting these topics were on display for everyone to enjoy.

We recorded the lecture and will have it ready to download very soon. If you missed it and were hoping to catch up, watch for an email or follow us on Facebook. We'll announce the details on how you can view the recording as soon as we have it ready.

Our next lecture is coming up in August on the 11th and everyone is invited to attend!

Quilt History Lecture: Quilts from the 1860's to the Early 1900's $10 admission
Sat. Aug. 11, 3pm-4:30pm
Linda Camp
Styles in quilts and quilting changed dramatically after the Civil War.  The country had changed. There were advances in dye technology,  making it possible for ladies to more easily dye their fabrics at home, also allowing factories to produce exciting new styles and colors of fabrics.

There were new patterns for quilt blocks circulating among ladies sewing circles, and some of them became associated with certain parts of the country where they developed.  There was a nation wide fad for adding Red and Green to quilts, sometimes the results were stunning and sometimes, a great mistake!

We have many examples of quilts from the 1870’s to show and we also have quilts that are examples of how styles and color preferences were changing during the early 1900’s. 

For the first time ladies could order fabric from catalogs, making colors and styles available to the entire country for the first time.  Many families have treasured quilts from this time period.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more.

Please call the shop to reserve your spot.
Limit 30 spaces.