Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fixing the problem

This is what I worked on yesterday.  The blocks were seen together, 1/4" was folded in on all the raw edges and basted in place.  Then the row was basted to the quilt to cover the incorrectly placed blocks.  I needed to know their perimeter so that I would know where to stop and start stitching to replicate the quilting.  I used pins on the back of the quilt outline the area.  Then I slowly stitched over the existing quilting lines (locking stitches at every stop and start).  The quilting on the front looks a little wobbly, but it's better than the whole bottom row being out of order.  Tedious, but I just couldn't stand not fixing such an obvious mistake

Fixed, it is!

Tedious work.  The blocks were seen together, 1/4"  was folded in on all the raw edges and hand appliquéd in place.
I would be flipping the quilt over and sewing over the existing quilting design, so I used pins on the back of the quilt to outline the area that had to be re-quilted.Then I stitched carefully and slowly over the quilting lines, locking the stitches with every stop and start. Mission accomplished!  The quilting looks a little wobbly on the front, but the embarrassment of incorrectly placed blocks has been disguised.  Did I mention how much I hate making such an obvious mistake?  

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fixing the problem

Can't stand making such obvious mistakes
Row #1 - wrong, wrong, wrong!
Row #2 - new blocks ready to be sewn 
                together and be appliquéd on 
                top of the old ones