Thursday, April 23, 2015

Talked to Pat Wys again today!

Last night, I realized that I had made a horrible scheduling mistake.  I had forgotten to put our
up-coming Gail Garber workshop on the calendar, and inadvertantly scheduled Pat to come the
next day.

BIG SNAFU!!   That would make it impossible for many of our customers to be here for Pat's
book signing event and WE would be totally pooped!

She graciously agreed to move the Book Signing to Saturday June 20th.  This also enables
her to accept an invitation  for a book signing at  Stitch N' Quilt in Mableton, Ga. on July l8th.
(She's wonderful!!)

By the way...I seem to have developed a talent for losing things within a very small area.  I mean
things that are never seen again, even though I KNOW  they can't be anywhere else.  My daughter
has suggested that if she ever has a DEAD BODY to dispose of, she's bringing it to me. (She's
not homicidal, just a big fan of murder mysteries.)  However, you never know.....with my recent
track record........

Hug Doodles,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talked to Pat Wys Today!

Today, Pat Wys called the shop to confirm that she will be here on Saturday, July 18th.
We are having a BOOK SIGNING PARTY, to celebrate the publication of Pat's 3rd book, 
"Handmade Christmas Cheer".

This is a party....there is no fee to join us.  Everyone LOVES Pat!  She is a ton of fun.  If you
haven't had the opportunity to meet her, just ask anyone who's ever taken one of her classes!

We will have copies of her new book available for purchase,  if you don't have it already.

She will be bringing the actual projects that are featured in the new book, so you also don't
want to miss the opportunity to see them up close and personal!

She called our shop "One of Georgia's best kept secrects" when she was here last year.
We were tickled to bits that she also called us "An inspiration shop!"

We are sooo looking forward to seeing her again, and we are hoping for a lot of people to come
and help us make her feel  truly welcome.

Hug Doodles,