Sunday, July 10, 2016

Half Square Triangle Stencils

Our Original Sunday Best Quiltworks Half Square Triangle Stencil allows you to make super fast & accurate finished half-square triangles in 8 different sizesOur Half Square Triangle Stencils are available for purchase on our website for $5.99-$9.99 each.

They're great for finished blocks, borders and more!
Our method is faster than the bias strip method... try it and see!

The stencil size refers to the accurate FINISHED size of the half-square triangles and our Half Square Triangle stencil is easy to use! We've created a You Tube Video, a printable paper tutorial and a printable list of possible assembly options to help you envision all the creative possibilities! 

YouTube Video Tutorial
Watch Linda demo the stencil live.

Printable Photo Tutorial
Print this to follow while you work with your stencil.

Printable HST Assembly Options Tutorial
See how many options there are for HST!

How many HST units does each stencil make?

HST Stencil Size: HST Stencil Makes:
1" Stencil 32 Finished HST
1 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
3" Stencil 18 Finished HST
3 1/2" Stencil 18 Finished HST
4" Stencil 12 Finished HST
4 1/2" Stencil 12 Finished HST

Lady of the Lake by Linda Camp was made with our 2" HST Stencil
which creates 32 finished HST units at a time.
It looks like a lot of work making HST the old fashioned way, but using the stencil
it was finished in less than half the time!

Our Half Square Triangle Stencils are available for purchase on our website for $5.99-$9.99 each.

So what size stencil do you need to buy?

Ex: If you need a 2" half square triangle then you should order the 2" HST stencil. When you cut them out, the HST will be 2 1/2" and will "FINISH" at 2" when you sew a 1/4" seam allowance around them. It's the same for all 8 stencil sizes. When you cut them out, your HST will be 1/2" larger than the stencil size. When you sew a 1/4" seam allowance around them, they become the actual finished size you need.

If you still have any questions regarding stencil size please contact us! We'll be glad to help you choose the correct size stencil for your pro

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