Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Class Favorite: Potluck Bargello

We kept hearing the questions, "What can I do with my scraps?" and "How do I use up leftover charm squares?"  Everyone thinks it, everyone says it, and those are very good questions...

And Potluck Bargello was our answer! We called this bargello quilt 'Potluck' because it basically contains all the scrap-cleaning-out leftovers you can throw into it... just like the best Sunday fridge-cleaning-out casseroles!

Complicated-looking, yet incredibly easy to make, Potluck Bargello is a visually stunning quilt that has become an all-time class favorite in our shop. 

The pattern is written with directions for using up you stash of scraps and leftovers, and with yardage requirements in case you prefer to buy fabric specifically for the project for a cohesive look.

Student quilt
We frequently have folks drop by for Show and Tell and bring their projects. We awarded Pat Harris a SBQ Star of Excellence for her outstanding work on this version of the pattern and the 2 surprise little minis she made with her leftovers... of her potluck leftovers! Way to go Pat!
Quilt and minis by Pat Harris

 And we loved this lighter, bright colorway made by another student too!
Student quilt

Bargello quilts are just fabric strips sewn together and cut in a way that creates visual movement when you sew them back together. Even though they look tough, they are perfect for beginners. Don't be intimidated, give bargello quilts a try!

We want to see what you're making! Post your photos and tag #SBQ. Follow us on Facebook and you'll see what's new in the shop, find out which patterns we're designing next, see what classes are coming up and what our students are bringing in for Show and Tell!


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