Friday, October 20, 2017

Save Money with My NEW Paper Piecing Stencils

 Paper piecing is remarkably accurate, but how often
do you use expensive paper piecing copy paper with your printer and wind up with a small design in the center of your page and most of the paper going into the TRASH?

I am offering you an alternative!

Use my NEW Paper Piecing Stencils to TRACE your design
onto ANY PAPER of your choosing!

Flip and flop them to get as much on a sheet of paper
as possible or cut your paper to size and trace the design.

At just $5 and $5.50 these stencil are seriously affordable!
Buy it once - use it indefinitely
* on ANY paper *

I've designed 6 paper piecing stencils so far.
Stay tuned - I love using these so much I have more in the works!
I hope you'll find them just as useful as I do!

All of our stencils are available on our website!

6" New York Beauty Stencil $5.50

 4" Pickle Dish Stencil $5.00

Sample shows 4 of the 4" pickle dish blocks assembled.

6" Pickle Dish Stencil $5.50


4" and 6" Pineapple Log Cabin Stencil $5.00

Sample shows a block made with the 8" Pineapple Log Cabin stencil.

8" Pineapple Log Cabin Stencil $5.00

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*The Pickle Dish & New York Beauty stencils allow you to accurately trace the arcs with the points onto paper and pieced them that way. However the curved elements of those blocks may be traced directly onto the wrong side of the fabric as the companion pieces to complete those blocks.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 Row by Row "On the Go" Now Available Online!

Our 2017 Row for this year's "On the Go" theme is an adorable mini
of our original On the The Road wall hanging.

2017 On the Go Row
On the Go row kits are available on our website for only $16.99.

On the Road Wall Hanging

On the Road was made for use with any Row by Row license plate. It measures 42 1/2" x 40 1/4" and uses quick machine applique to make an adorable project! Customize it to match the colors of your favorite old truck and and the right hair color for you and your best quilty friend! Its available on our website for $19.99.

                                Our 2017 license Plate "She Who Sews" is available for $6
                               and we still have a few 2016 "Gypsy Quilter" plates for just $3.
                                                     Both are available on our website.

                        Our winner was Karla Johnson and her quilt was absolutely adorable!

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