Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Big Ol' OOPS!

During the last couple of weeks we have been feverishly working to fix a mistake.  During the construction of our next Lucky 7 quilt,  Beth switched sewing machines and the slight difference in seam allowances caused the log cabin blocks in the center and borders to be a little too big.  We removed and disassembled the log cabin blocks.  Beth sewed steadily to get  the blocks back together before she left town to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  Enter Linda, who really wanted to get this quilt ready ASP.  Unfortunately, as she re-stitched those now perfect log cabin blocks into the borders with perfect seam allowances, she sewed a couple of blocks into the wrong position. OOPS! Right?  Well, double OOPS.  She didn't notice as she quilted and bound the quilt!!!!!

Now that's really humiliating!!!!  So what will Linda do now?

Just you watch!  Over the holidays 
She will make some more perfect log cabin blocks.  She will unsew  a section of binding and appliqué those blocks over the "mistake ".  She will replicate the quilting and restitch the binding.  She will blog with pictures as she literally hides her mistake .....she will show you how to save a smidge of dignity after public humiliation, and maybe how you can fix your own someday OOPS .